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fax:   (866) 873-1277
E-Mail: info@auspextech.com

Contract Number: N00178-10-D-5909

Zone: 2 - National Capital Region

Auspex Technologies is a small, minority woman-business founded in 2001 with a single office located in the National Capital zone.  Our team is composed of highly recognized leaders in the government and Information Technology space with significant experience, including:

  •  Led the development of an IPv6 Information Security (IS) Plan for SBA.  Developed in coordination with the CISO and complied with agency-established IS policy and procedures.  The plan facilitated the insertion of IPv6 while maintaining the agency's security posture as required by FISMA.  The plan identified and established the steps necessary to successfully achieve the June 2008 IPv6 milestone target.  The plan also provided the basis in future revisions to cover the entire enterprise-wide transition to IPv6. 

  • Led the development of a security framework for SBA.  A methodical approach was established to building the information security framework and gap analysis which included developing a superset of Federal IT security policies and requirements from authoritative sources including FISMA/NIST Publications, OMB circulars, HSPDs, and OMB memorandum.

  • Led the analysis and development of a report and process to align the integration of IPv6, Trusted Internet Connection (TIC), Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), and Networx transition at SBA.  The analysis has a strong focus on integrating security requirements across all of the initiatives.  Developed a set of recommendations that the agency could utilize in developing a common "To-Be" architecture that took into account the overlapping requirements from these initiatives.  Provided recommendations and next steps for the alignment & integration roadmap.

  • Provided leadership and technical expertise in support of the VA's Internet2 Program.  Supported the development of the technical connectivity and security solutions required for VA's connection to Internet2.  Helped establish the overall program strategy and developed the pilot project identification and project plan approach to minimize risk.  Supported numerous initiatives with a heavy focus on security, IPv6, and Health IT for the VA.  Developed numerous presentations, white papers, and reports.  Led multiple panels and presentations.  Led VA IPv6 involvement in the Internet2 IPv6 working group.

  • Supported the development of the overall strategy and tactical implementation plan for the transformation of the VA's enterprise network.  Created the concept of a unified security architecture for the OneVA Enterprise Network that would be implemented across the entire enterprise.  Supported their Networx transition approach to ensure security and continued operations and helped establish the VA strategy for their Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) program.  Supported the VA IPv6 efforts and the approach to utilize Community of Interest Networks (COIN) and tunneling/VPNs to leverage IPv6 throughout the OneVA Enterprise Network. 

  • Supported the identification and deployment of videoconferencing technologies and techniques to support the remote counseling of veterans for the Veteran’s Benefit Administration Vocational Rehabilitation and Education program.  Utilized IPv4 and IPv6 enabled devices to connect counselors on the OneVA Enterprise Network to veterans within their homes.  Developed the technical and security solutions as well as provided the certification and accreditation support for project approval and execution.